VisualEyes ProjectSampler

The ProjectSampler is a sample project that contains examples of many VisualEyes features for exploration and editing. Each sample is in its own view that can be copied into your own workspace, and many have a 5 to 10-minute screen cast walking you through the script.

You can pull in the script into your own VisEdit space by selecting the "Load from ID" option from the File menu and typing "sampler" (no quotes) in the box. The ProjectSampler script will be loaded as your own project to explore and edit as you want.

You can even copy a sample view into your own project script. To do this, click on the view element in the Tree view of the ProjectSampler script you want to copy. Select the "Copy" option from the Edit menu. This will copy the view onto the clipboard. Load the project you want to copy the new view to, click on any view, and select the "Paste" option from the Edit menu. The new view will appear in the Tree. You will need to set it's visible attribute to "true" in order to see it.


VisualEyes ProjectSampler
Demonstration projects
VisEdit: VisualEyes Project Tool
A tool to edit/create projects in VisualEyes


VisualEyes Project Guide
How to create projects in VisualEyes
VisualEyes XML Reference
Reference guide to VisualEyes XML structure
VisualEyes GLUE Reference
Reference guide to VisualEyes GLUE scripting



Images and Maps
Adding images and maps (5:38)
Geo-Refererence and Google Earth
Geo-Referencing maps and using Google Earth (9:59)
Data Tables
Loading XML and CSV data sources (TBD)
Google Docs

Using a Google spreadsheet as a data source (3:20)
Vector Maps
Using vector map (11:59)


Adding a timeline control (4:20)
Zoom and Overview
Adding a zoom and overview control (2:40)
Control Panels
Adding a control panel (5:20)


Adding a shelf display (3:45)
Adding a timeview display (5:18)
Magnifier Widget
Adding a magnifier widget


Querying data using GLUE (TBD)